Rev. Shelton Jolivette also known as Mr. Renaissance Man is a native Houstonian who has deep roots in South Louisiana. Jolivette, as he is called, was identified at an early age to have a unique gift and passion for people. He is an ordained minister, an accomplished actor and author, a vocalist, percussionist, professional drag bike racer, relationship expert, Life Coach, and motivational speaker.  His true passion is teaching Gods word to anyone who will listen; children, youth, young adults, or adults. On stage and screen, Jolivette is a natural. His creative skills and passionate imagination has afforded him many leading roles. He captivates the audience as soon as he takes the stage no matter where it is or what he has to say. Jolivette plays a very active role in the lives of his 6 beautiful children by either helping comb hair or playing teacher as they do homework. And in his spare time he can be found at a park in the community coaching little league football or track and field. Jolivette’s motto is “If I don’t help a child go in the right path, I have given them a reason to go into the wrong path” Jolivette loves life and lives it to the fullest… A man of many gifts and talents dedicated to sharing what God has given him with the world.